Hey guys! Currently obsessing over making our home better for our family. So here I’ve started this blog to document all things home makeover and other such things. No, we are not demolishing our house and building from the ground up. We have a lovely home, in my opinion, some parts of it just need a little TLC, other parts need A LOT of TLC. Working on different rooms at a time, but little by little, its all coming together.

Occasionally I do love to cook for my family, so I plan to post some of my recipes on here, if not for anything else, at least so that Emma can have forever access to some of her favorite foods when she grows up. I would have loved for my mom to have written down all of her amazing Mexican food recipes, but she never did. Lord knows I would be a much better cook if she did. So now I have to call her up whenever I want to make one of her dishes. Imagine how much easier it would be if it were written down somewhere… and better yet with pictures!? That’s one of the things I hope to accomplish here.

I also love to read and write, but I feel I hardly have time to do either nowadays. I decided I was going to change that. I want to write more and I plan to visit Barnes and Noble over the weekend and pick out a few good reads. It’s nice to set aside some time to myself to just do what I want to do. I haven’t committed to any set structure to this blog yet; in fact I might not ever have one. For now, I’m also just going to write and post what I feel.

So….thanks for stopping by!


Reyna ♥