Homemade costumes

A League of Their Own

Emma’s Fall softball season is about to start and what better time to reintroduce our 3rd year costumes.

Emma was 3 years old and ended up being  just about the cutest little Rockford Peach I ever did see! I love love love the movie “A League of Their Own” and one night it just came to me; those dress uniforms would be EASY to make! It took a lot of planning but I think they actually turned out really well! I do pat myself on the back for this one, I just had to redeem myself from the previous years Tinkerbell laziness. I went for the best light pink fabric I could find; again Joanne’s Fabric never disappoints. Finding good strong fabric is key, even if it means spending a little bit more money. I ordered the patches that I sewed on the dress and hat from an etsy shop that had exactly what I was looking for. What I liked about this costume was that it was comfortable. The only thing I would change would be Emma’s dress length. I kept cutting into it and it ended up a bit shorter than I’d have liked but she didn’t seem to mind, plus she was wearing red booties underneath just like they do in the movies….it’s all in the details 😉

There’s no crying in baseball!

Jimmy was more than happy to play along this time, maybe because the costume didn’t require him to wear tights ☺️ I ordered his shirt from an online costume store, and I tried and tried to get him to wear the baseball pants but he just didn’t want to! Whatever, his loss!!

Needless to say we were a hit at Disneyland AND on Halloween night. Everyone, and I mean everyone was giving her extra candy. People kept asking us to take a picture with them. It was a fun night, Emma’s highlight at Disneyland that night was posing with Woody. She had moved on from Peter Pan to Toy Story. Till this day, she loves and can recite all the movies.

Anyway, Halloween 2015 was a great one. I hope one day she can wear my Dottie dress and have her daughter dress as mini Dottie as well 💗💗💗 I might even make myself another Dottie dress when I’m a grandma and we can be 3 generations of Dotties 😂 okay, I’m done.



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