Homemade costumes

Year 2: Tinkerbell 

Let me just start off by saying this costume was the easiest of all costumes to make. Idk, maybe I was still a bit traumatized from the stress of the previous years costume mishaps, or maybe I was just being lazy..it was probably the latter.

Emma was 2 years old and she was (at the time) obsessed with watching Peter Pan. She wanted to watch it everyday. So naturally, I decided we would be Tinkerbell and Jimmy could be Peter Pan. Shout out to Jimmy for always going along with my costume ideas. ❤️ After picking up the fabric at Joanne’s our costumes were done within a day. It was literally just cutting two equal pieces of fabric together and sewing them at the sides, then cutting the pointy edges at the bottom. I made mine the same way I made hers, we’re going for the “twin” tradition remember?  The only difference was I made my dress strapless, it was just easier that way 😉

I should have put more thought on Emma’s straps though, as you can see, there was hardly any support where her straps meet the fabric…and because the dress was so tight on her, it looked crooked most of the time when she moved.

She didn’t care though, do you see that smile? She was the happiest kid at Disneyland.

At the end of the day, all that ever matters to me is that my kids are happy. She was so excited to be waving her little wand around sprinkling (pretend) fairy dust on people. It was a magical night at Disneyland in the eyes of a two year old and that’s all I ever wanted. 

I also made most of what Jimmys wearing as well, it actually turned out pretty good. Originally I ordered green tights for him but he refused to wear them! So if anyone is in need of some men’s sized green tights this Halloween, hit me up!! His shoes and hat are another thing that I’m proud of. I covered those bad boys up with some brown fabric and bam! I forget how I made the hat, however, I know YouTube tutorials helped me a lot.

Halloween 2014

Cheers to another successful homemade costume year.

All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust….and a car to get you to where you’re going since we can’t technically use our wings to fly. 

But we can pretend baby girl, ohh we can pretend 🙂 


Reyna ❤️

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