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Organized Spice drawer


I don’t know about you all but when I’m organized my life seems much less stressful. I’m happier and feel more productive this way.

I’ve been wanting to organize my spices for a while now and I finally got around to doing it today. Yay for sending your kid back to school so that actual work can get done, amirite?! 😉 Anywhoot, I’m in the kitchen a lot and I kept noticing that I was going back and forth and sometimes in circles when it came to preparing food. One of the perks of having a bigger kitchen is having a lot of cabinet space to work with but that also means you have to be organized in order to fully utilize each space efficiently. Well anyway, my spice locations were not working for me. I had some in the pantry and some on my counter near the stove.

Spices in pantry

I mostly seem to use the spices that are in the pantry and occasionally I’ll grab what I need from the spinning rack on the counter. Anyway long story short, this was a little more back and forth than I wanted when it comes to cooking. I wanted all my spices to be in one central place.

Last week I ordered the Acrylic 20-Bottle  Spice Rack and the Youcopia Spiceliners from The Container Store and picked up my order today.  These are all the jars I need for my spices but I plan to pick up another set for my collection of sprinkles 🙂

These two drawers are right next to my stove and close enough to my island where I can grab everything I need when preparing food. 

Peep the color coordination. Now I  can see all of what I have and what I need more of.


Reyna ❤️

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