Homemade costumes

Year 1: Monsters Inc/Dorothy

I had this really cool idea in my head that I wanted to make her the “Boo” costume from Monsters Inc. I had seen other such homemade costumes on Pinterest and thought to myself.. I can do it. So once I was sure I was going to commit to this costume, I set out to JOANN Fabrics and Crafts store and got all the materials I needed. I don’t remember exactly when I started, but it was sometime in late August. I know this because it took me a loooooong time to make it. At the time I was a stay at home mom so I had a little bit more time on my hands. I would go to my moms house at least once a week to work on the costume. I had the idea of how I wanted to do it in my head, so I cut out the pattern, I told her how I wanted it, and she sewed the body piece together. I sewed the head piece and put on Boo’s hair. I cut out the pattern for the arms, and sewed them together. I sewed the teeth on, put the eyeballs on and BAM! I was done with her costume. All of this took WEEKS to finish! I told you I started in late August….fast forward to mid October to where I was barely finishing up the costume. Success! I was so happy with it. It turned out better than I had expected, that is, until I put the costume on her.

Emma hated it. She didn’t like the costume one bit. I would put it on her and she’d almost start crying. I would have to bribe her with lechita (milk) so that she would keep it on for a few minutes. I was determined that she would wear it though. I tried a couple of times but she just wasn’t comfortable in it. She was only a year and a half and she didn’t understand the concept of costumes and Halloween. She would look so cute in it, people would love her. We were going to Disneyland in about a week for the Mickey’s Halloween Party event, how could she not wear it there! NOPE. She’s stubborn. There was no way we were going to be able to take her to Disneyland like this. She’d be crying the whole time. I had mentioned before that I ended up making a new costume for her a week before she actually had to wear it; this was that time!

FullSizeRender (19)
Emma dressed as Boo

I was in panic mode. What the heck was she going to be?? People told me, just buy her a costume, don’t stress yourself out. NOPE. I’m pretty stubborn, I wonder where she gets it from 😉 Well, I don’t remember how it came about, but I remember thinking Dorothy was the way to go. Seems simple enough. Blue dress, red shoes, I got this! Back to JOANN’s I went and bought the fabric I needed. Went to my mom again and said we’re starting over. She thought I was crazy. This time around though I helped her out more with the sewing. Remember, at this point we had already spent over a month sewing the Boo costume together; I was becoming an expert.

Anyway, long story short, her and my costume ended up being made in less than a week. So much easier than that damn monster costume! Even though I loved the Boo costume and wished with all my might that she would wear it, I actually loved the way the Dorothy costume turned out. What’s even better, I was able to make myself a dress that was almost identical to hers and once again, we were matching 🙂 That’s what I love about these homemade costumes. I make them how I want. Once that roller coaster ride of craziness was over it was time to focus on Jimmy’s costume. He was a team player and went along with my crazy and we went searching for the cowardly lion costume. Again we went to our local costume store and rented the PERFECT Cowardly Lion. It was awesome.




She was so cute running around as Dorothy and even though Jimmy was sweating in his costume, he told me he was glad he wore it. Halloween 2013 was a success!

Halloween 2013

First he’s sour, then he’s sweet 💛


Reyna ❤️

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