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My Living Room

Here’s my living room view from upstairs. It’s simple and it works for us for now. Before this room had a t.v. in it, it remained forever spotless, untouched even. Now, since we’ve got the bigger t.v. in here, a 65′, my pillows never look like this anymore. They are either on the floor or pushed together as head rests. I tidied up before going to bed last night and I took this shot this morning before my pillows meet their fate on the floor again. What is it with men and pillows? Don’t they ever appreciate a good fluff?? Blows my mind…anyway, I thought I’d share my living room now because there are a few things that I want changed in here eventually.

Lets take a look at what will eventually be changed, hopefully in the near future.


This is only half of a sectional couch that came with us from our previous home. It worked all together in the other house, but in this one, it’s better for them to be separated. The other section of this couch is in our den (pictures of that room coming soon). You see, eventually, I want a smaller, regular, maybe two or three-seater couch in here; not half of a sectional!

FullSizeRender (9)


We recently got new windows a few months ago and I love them! They are double-pane, energy efficient and have a Queen Ann design grille. We’ve redone these windows and our master bedroom windows. Still need to do dining room and kitchen windows, plus all the other bedrooms windows. Have I mentioned how expensive windows are?!! Yea, no joke. So those will be done at a later time, stay tuned! Anyway, what I want changed here is to get rid of those ugly blinds. I want SHUTTERS. Plantation shutters to be exact, and yea those are a pretty shiny penny too! How I wish money grew on trees! I really do want my shutters in here though, I think it will really transform this room. SO fancy looking. ♦

Coffee table

See the absence of a coffee table? Yea, we need one. Doesn’t need to be big, I just want something there. This one I’m not too concerned with though. I like Christian’s play pen there, he likes it too. But eventually he will grow out of it, like they always do, and I’ll have to fill this space with something, most likely a table. That will have to come after the couches though, I’ll need to coordinate.


Jimmy will be upset if I don’t mention this one. We recently put in recessed lighting in all our bedrooms and downstairs den. He regrets not putting any in this room, and that’s why I know this room will inevitably have recessed lighting. Who knows when that will be, but when it does happen, that lamp by that teepee will be gone.

Honorable mention – Teepee

Emma will go in the teepee every now and then, especially when she has her friends over. And I know once Christian gets a little older he’s going to like going in there too, so we will keep it there for now. We might end up putting it in his room, but I haven’t thought too much about that yet.



Reyna ♥

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